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Reason for the Change on How Door Glass Framing is Handled

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For the last few years, there has been a tremendous turnaround on how door glass framing is handled. The focus has particularly been the seal between the door and glass. Unlike the earlier times where there was just one option that involved maintaining just one frame and one profile, things have now changed, and there are several options now. Some of these options focus on the door performance while others focus on aesthetic and they work differently at different climate. The change in the market can be attributed to the following:

1.  Climatic Factors

Different regions have different climatic states. Therefore, they all require door grass framing that suits their environmental needs. Some regions that are hurricane prone will need a door-glass framing product that is different to that of a dry area.

2.  Environmental Factors

DAPA Bug Flap Fenestration Product Manufacturer
Some environments favor different insects such as bugs, sugar ants, etc. Hence, it is important to have doors that have bug flaps or are insect-tight like those manufactured at DAPA Products, which specializes in producing all sorts of fenestration products.

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As a quality fenestration products manufacturer, our primarily focus is on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Our company is one of the best fenestration product suppliers in the industry. It has been attributed to having produced quality products that have helped the company to gain a good reputation from its customers.