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Contrast Piping: Using Braided Welt Cord to Accent Textiles

Braided Welt Cord for Decorative Pillows

Ideas to Add Piping to Your Projects

What is it that makes a decorating project stand out? Trimmings! Well-chosen accents make all the difference and show off your creativity. Braided welt cord makes an easy, yet stunning, statement that makes friends ask, “you made that?” Braided cord manufacturing companies like DAPA Products makes a variety of sizes of cording for any project, from thin piping, like edging for little accent pillows, to large diameters for a truly dramatic statement on cushions and big upholstery projects.

How to Use Braided Welt Cord for Decorating

DAPA Products Braided Welt Cord

Using braided welt cord is easy, even for new crafters who don’t have any experience sewing! All you need is the fabric that you want to use to cover the cord, scissors, and either a sewing machine or a hot glue gun.

Cut your fabric into strips wide enough to wrap around the cording and still leave an edge that you can use to sew the cording to the final project. Then just stitch or glue where the fabric meets itself.

Covered cording is a great way to add a contrast to otherwise plain pillows, curtains, or even clothes! Use a complimentary color or a bold solid against a fanciful pattern. Experiment with a metallic fabric, or maybe just add a subtle decoration with self-cording, which uses the same main fabric.

Piping is wonderful on a chair, sofa, and bed skirts, on couch cushions and throw pillows. A quilt would look wonderful with a little piping along the binding, or even in the piecing! The only rule is that you make your project your own.