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Best Welt Cord For a Decorative Touch

Best Decorative Welt Cord Braided Foam

At DAPA Products, we manufacture our welt cord with all-natural virgin materials. We use natural fibers to form a variety of welt cord. It comes in different thicknesses and materials for indoor and outdoor use. We have welt cord for machine washable or waterproof materials.

What is Welt Cord Used For?

Trim to upholstery like pillows feature welt cord for a more decorative appearance. Decorators use welt cord to design slipcovers, drapes, and other pieces. It adds a nice touch to the fabric you use and can complement or contrast your design.

Different Types of Welt Cord

Braided welt cord is of the main types of welt cord that used indoors. Cotton welt cord is also used indoors. Both of these often decorate pillows, slipcovers and drapes. They are also machine washable. It is also easy to work with when creating the piping for your decorative items.

The next type of welt cord used for outdoor and marine applications. It is the foam welt cord and plastic welt cord. It can withstand outdoor weather conditions and resist mold and mildew when wet. The foam welt cord is soft, yet tough enough to provide stability in the welt cord for vinyl or other fabric.

Ready to Order Welt Cord?

Give us a call at 1-800-229-3181 and we will be happy to find the perfect welt cord for your application!