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Why Quality Upholstery Products Are Needed For Furniture Supplies

Quality Upholstery Products Manufacturer

Although the furniture industry styles, colors, and looks change from year to year, one thing remains the same. We’ve produced quality upholstery supplies for several years. We’ve been a leader in extruded plastic products and Braided Welt Cord. Our knowledge and expertise in the upholstery industry has been based on our commitment to quality and customer service.

According to a study performed by Carolyn Abbott at Texas Tech University, consumers face problems when choosing upholstered furniture based on quality, durability, and wearability standards. She cites another study where many consumers are not happy with their furniture purchases.

One of the issues consumers face is that it is difficult to tell whether a piece of furniture is poorly constructed based on hidden elements. Although many of these hidden elements include joints and other structural aspects of the furniture, the upholstery products we produce are based on quality items.

The upholstery products we produce include:

• Braided Welt Cord
• Cotton Welt Cord
• Curve Ease
• Cut-Length Cardboard Tack Strip
• Economy Tack Strip
• Edge Roll
• Flex Grip
• Foam Welt Cord
• Hard Cardboard Tack Strip
• Hollow PE Welt
• Metal Tack Strip
• Plastic Tack Strip
• Solid PE Welt
• Tack Strip Sleeve

We started manufacturing our brand of DAPA Products after noticing that the products we carried as supplies were low quality. We brought in our own focus and commitment to produce products with the best virgin raw materials available. We can stand behind our products 100% in everything we produce. See all our upholstery products.