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Decide on Which Screen Spline to Use for Door Repairs

Replacing Windows and Door Screens with Spline

What Screen Spline to Use & How to Repair Your Door

You will absolutely avoid stress during the summer season by repairing broken or torn screens on your doors and windows. During the summer and autumn months, insects attempt to enter your home. If they find a tear in your window or door screen, they’re likely to come in and breed.

Repairing Screen Doors

You may sometimes wonder whether to fix, repair or replace a damaged screen door. One of the materials you will need for the repair is screen spline. It’s a length of plastic or foam that fits into a door or window frame and holds the screen in place. You can find various types of splines that are made for the variety of window and door frame types.

DAPA Products has even put together in a kit for use with everything you need to replace screens.

How to Replace Your Broken or Torn Window Screen

  1. The initial step to do when repairing your screen is to remove the damaged one.
  2. Place it on a flat surface.
  3. Pull out the spline from the edges of the frame thereby removing the screen that needs repair.
  4. The spline and screen material may not be re-used, therefore dispose of after removal.

For best results, ensure that you have extra screen left on the sides so that there is an allowance for tightening. A good screen door spline should extend all around the edges.

The wedging of the spline process becomes easier. It is enhanced using the concave and convex rollers. The spline must be tightly fitted into the frame. Once everything is put in its place, you set your window or door frame back.

Common Types of Screening Spline

DAPA Foam Screen Spline Windows & Doors

Foam screen spline comes from polyfoam, packaged in rolls. It is considered easy to work with due to its flexibility to move as you position it into the frame. DAPA Products has your needs in mind and developed spline you can replace yourself.

DAPA T-Spline Screen Windows and Doors

T-spline is another type that is applicable to screens that are substantially thin such as those made of aluminum.

Unlike T-Spline, foam screening type can be used in all window frame sizes.