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Why Use Welt Cords for Cushions?

Foam Welt Cords for Outside Cushions

Furniture as we know it today was influenced from previous cultures and periods throughout the world. For instance, during the Middle Ages, they began to experiment with welted cushions. Even the Spanish Court showcased elaborately decorated cushions using welting. In France, welted cushions were used in decorating furniture for the king.

We can state that, even to this day, cushions with welting haven’t lost fans’ fascination with their style. Cushions in modern times are seen as accessories in addition to function with comfortable seating.

What’s Welting On Upholstered Cushions?

As a decoration, cording provides a fresh look to a pillow by outlining the shape of the pillow. It highlights the shape and look of the pillow. It brings together the borders and seams of the cloth a pillow consists of and provides additional strength to the seams.

Technically, cording is produced out of cord. It may be metallic or tinsel, cloth, elastic or stretch, string, twisted or thin. They are available in many different widths and colors. Cording is a non-decorated circular cord made from natural fibers used to make a curved shape, providing the pillow a three-dimensional characteristic. Many house décor specialists will refer to arc as cording due to the cable inside.

Is Piping Different From Cording?

Most often, you’ll discover the term “welting” is used by decorators when speaking of the piping or cording on cushions. Piping is the term most commonly used when speaking to cording on cushions. Whatever you call it, the most important thing is that the item raises seam durability and assists in general strength of the cushion itself.

Piping, cording, welting: they bring uniqueness of design to cushions. Add a complementary color or pattern, or matching cloth pattern. The design possibilities are endless. Utilize the piping as an accent or to specify a pillow’s contour, from a square into a rectangle. It is possible to use color in the cording to add to a particular color in the primary fabric of the décor.

Why Use Foam Welt Cording In Your Projects?

Foam welt cord can be utilized in most upholstery applications. Outstanding for use in furniture, automotive, and marine software.

Made from polyethylene foam, this high quality and durable foam welt cord can be used for pillow and seats upholstering. Popular from the furniture business and durable enough to be used in the automotive and marine businesses, foam welt cord is mainly used in outdoor furniture. It will not rot or absorb water, which makes it durable in outside and marine applications.

Select your own welt cord for performance first, then for look. Thick cords seem much better on cushions, while thinner piping seems better on cushions. Whatever your choice — thin or thick — dim or bright — cording provides that professional end to cushions, cushions, bedding, and tablecloths which most of us want.