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How to Use Tack Strips for Upholstery Projects

Upholstery Tack Strips for Furniture

Using Metal Tacking Strips

It can be a challenge to upholster furniture, but metal tacking strips can help. They’re placed beneath the furniture fabric and there are three kinds.

Upholstery Strips

Metal Tack Strip Upholstery Supplier & Manufacturer

For a straight edge on your upholstery, use upholstery tack strips. They don’t require staples and work great with more visible areas. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Fold back fabric to crease. Put the strip by the crease and push the tacks through.

2. Turn fabric over and pull it tight. Use an upholstery hammer to secure it.

Cardboard Strips

Cardboard Tack Strip Upholstery Supplier & Manufacturer

These make a clean edge with blind tacking in areas like chair backs and piping. Here’s the process:

1. Set material upside down with the tacking on the edge you’re planning to straighten. Use staples to attach it.

2. Fold the fabric over the stripping.

3. Use staples on the opposite side of the fabric.

Flexible Strips

Flexible Tack Strip Upholstery Supplier & Manufacturer

These are mostly used in curvy areas that need a crisply finished edge where it’s difficult to place the other kinds of tacking strips.

They work by being stapled on the desired area where its teeth will firmly grasp the material. Here are the instructions for using these:

1. With staples, firmly attach the flexible strip to the furniture.

2. Put the material under the teeth.

3. Use an upholstery mallet to pound in the top of the strip and trim extra material.

These tips will help you with your next reupholstering adventure!

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