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Welt Cording Ideas to Take Upholstery and Home Furnishings To The Next Level

Welt Cord Ideas for Home Furnishings Modern Décor

Jasper, AL – DAPA Products, manufacturer of upholstery and fenestration products, shares ideas on how to take upholstered furniture and furnishings to the next level with welt cords. DAPA Products innovated the industry with the launch of Foam Welt Cord and Foam Screen Spline, which reduced the incidents of carpal tunnel syndrome in workers who installed screen spline in windows and doors. As the market grows, so does their customer base. These ideas are based on the products they’ve seen in the industry.

Modern Décor Using Welt Cording

Whether designing for clients or for the home, the decor that is on display in magazines and local shops typically include custom details that add a touch of luxury and elegance. From the complimentary colored cording running along the edge of drapery, to the same colored cord that frames a pillow, to the cording that adds a touch of class to upholstered furniture. These details make a difference in the value of the product.

Ideas to Use Welt Cording in Home Furnishings and Car Interiors

  1. Use welt cords for pillows to trim and frame it. Creating piping for the edges of pillows takes minimal time and adds all the difference in terms of the way the pillow looks. Piping adds value to the finished product. Contrasting piping and pillow colors can be a statement for the décor.
  2. Trim for draperies. Welt cord can be used as trimming for drapes. Instead of sewing on another lace or pom-pom trim, try sewing welt cord to frame the edge of the drapes.
  3. Upholstery trim. Add trim to upholstered chairs, sofas, and other furniture with braided welt cord. Piping can add contrasting, complimentary, and symmetrical color combinations to complement or contrast the patterns and colors in the room.
  4. Trim headboards. Upholstered headboards have added a modern décor look to these pieces of furniture. Adding trim to a headboard adds visual interest and value.
  5. Hotrod and auto upholstery. Touches of trim aren’t just for home furnishings. Today’s hotrods also benefit from adding welt cords to leather upholstery. The trim is used on the interiors of the vehicles.

DAPA Products has a list of the industries they serve with welt cord and other upholstery and fenestration products. Their products are made with virgin raw materials, not scrap, to uphold their commitment to the highest quality products.