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What is PVC Ribbed Screen Spline?

PVC Ribbed Screen Spline Manufacturer Windows and doors need screen spline to hold the screen in place in order to keep out bugs. Without having a tight fit, the screen can hang loose. Different types of spline are used for different windows and doors.

A screen is rolled flat onto the frame and held in place by the spline. A PVC ribbed screen spline allows assembly to be easier than using a rigid plastic component for windows and doors.

Spline slides into a channel to secure the window screen panel or repair. Ribbed PVC screen spline is compressed for an easy fit. Even though the material is plastic, it is soft and resilient to provide a comfortable fit for the window and door components.


PVC ribbed screen spline is a flexible plastic that allows for a quick, easy fit of the screen into the channel where the spline slides. This product comes in a variety of sizes from .120 – .270 diameters. It is available in the online shop for new or existing customers to place an order.

DAPA Products manufactures top quality products for fenestration. We use a 3-part process that allows for the best quality. It is a streamlined process that involves our system of assembly, top quality materials used in production, and the process that involves building, checking the product, and finishing.