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What is Foam Screen Spline and How is it Used?

Foam Screen Spline Fenestration Product ManufacturerA spline is a critical component as part of a window. It holds the screen onto the frame securely, which keeps the fabric in place. It allows the fit of the window screen on the frame.

Although there are a variety of types on the market, screens need different types kinds to ensure an accurate fit. Each spline has a purpose that is different as window components.

How Is Foam Screen Spline Used?

Foam screen spline is used to replace metal or vinyl in window screen panels. It is used to repair and manufacture panels. It is a durable product that makes it easier to manufacture than using metal or vinyl.

It provides more flexibility and sizes. It provides a larger diameter and can be used situations where vinyl doesn’t work.

Using foam screen spline, the inventory can be lessened because this soft product can be used in many different screen channels. It easily slides into channels and fits corners. This reduces the fatigue of the operator.

Benefits of Using Foam Screen Spline

Benefits of using this product include that it is resistant to UV and is tested to ensure high quality standards. These products are known for a long performance time and weather resistance, where it doesn’t stiffen up in winter, or get soft in the summer.

The product is made to allow the support of the screen and provide easier installation based on tolerance levels of the frames. They have several advantages, including durability, security of holding screens on windows and doors, resistance to expansion and shrinkage due to the weather, made to suit any specifications.

During DAPA’s earlier days, they started to use a different raw material mix and changed their manufacturing process. This opened up a new market and foam spline was created. It was new to the window and door component market, but proved to be easier to use than many other products. It is now a first choice among major manufacturers because it makes screening easier.