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How Can Engineering-to-Order Provide Fast Fenestration Products?

Bug Flap Fenestration Custom Manufacturing

Fenestration is a fancy word for the arrangement of the windows, doors, skylights and sloped glazing, which provide a weather resistant barrier for your wall or roof. The material does not really matter. Oftentimes, fenestration is the “finishing touch” during construction.

When you are building your own home, you will probably want customized windows and doors. These design-to-order fenestration products might take some time to manufacture and deliver. Perhaps, fenestration product suppliers might prefer the engineering-to-order strategy, to get the products to the builders, on time.

Fenestration Design-to-Order

All manufacturers in the fenestration industry offer customization. It is part and parcel of doing business. Unfortunately, delivering these customized products on time can be difficult. Thus, the real quandary is not “design-to-order,” but instead “engineering-to-order.” Firms must reduce their manufacturing lead-time in order to compete successfully.

Planning ahead can give you the ability to “deliver the fenestration product” faster than the competition. This speed can be a key brand differentiation.

Fenestration Engineering-to-Order
The engineering-to-order fenestration process must be streamlined. It must be ready to capture customer requirements in real-time and offer viable solutions quickly. This is a necessity in modern fenestration competitive advantage.

Time is of the essence, so fenestration product suppliers must think ahead. Their customers want customization and speed. Learn why fenestration engineering-to-order might be the solution, which makes all parties happy.