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What Screen Spline Is Used For In Screens

PVC Ribbed Screen Spline

As a top manufacturer of screens, understanding the screening process is important. Knowing how to perfectly adjust and insert screen spline within the screening process is essential. The everyday average homeowner doesn’t have to know the first thing about how splines are produced, but they should know what size they will need if they are going to complete a quick screening project.

The Purpose of Spline

Typically, homeowners that have screen windows and doors sometimes need to replace their screens. It will be necessary for them to have the correct screen spline size in order to secure their screens for windows and doors properly.
There are various types of sizes and having the right size will determine is a screen fits loosely, or if it can withstand heavy winds and rain. During the spring and summer months of the year, in great weather, it is equally important that homeowners have the correct sized splines installed in their windows and doors. Homeowners should make sure that their current splines are not cracked or worn out.

Who Makes Spline Foam?

There are a few manufacturers that produce splines, and there are many that distribute them. If you’re looking to obtain a quality spline from a manufacturer that understands, and has mastered the process, contact DAPA. They have a full line of products that aren’t only limited to splines. They have a wide selection of fenestration products that are being manufactured at their facilities 5 days a week.