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Save Money with DIYing Your Window Screen Repairs

Screen Door Spline Kit Fiberglass Fenestration Supplies

The weather’s warming up, and it’s a great time to check on your window screens. You want to give your home plenty of fresh air while keeping the bugs out. A high-quality screen will give you the chance to have the best of both worlds. You’ll want to take the time before the heat really hits to make sure that your screens are in good condition.

Save Money with Window Screen Repairs

Give all your screens — in all the windows and the patio door — a quick inspection. You can save yourself time and money by repairing your own screens using a top-quality screen door spline and kit today. There are primarily 2 kinds of window screens in most American homes.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the most commonly used type of screen. Fiberglass comes in both charcoal and gray. Charcoal is more popular because it lets you see outside the best without changing the colors that you see. It looks like a fine mesh, and it’s a very flexible material.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum screens are made with a fine wire. They have greater durability and stand up well to the sun’s harsh rays. They’re less flexible than fiberglass, but they’re good at resisting rust and will not sag.

Measuring Your Window Screens

You’ll want to measure your screens to determine the right sizing for your screen door spline and kit. Be sure to measure from the corners of the screen’s frame to get the most accurate measurements and write down both the height and width from corner to corner. You can even take a photo and send it to us to ensure the best fit.

The warm weather is meant to be enjoyed. When you take the opportunity to repair and replace your worn-out screens, you’ll maximize your quality of life without spending a lot of hard-earned money. Be sure to get the most out of your summer this year.

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