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DAPA Products Reminds Homeowners to Get Window and Door Screens Ready For Summer

Jasper, AL – Window screen kit manufacturer and supplier, DAPA Products, reminds homeowners to check the window and door screens and make repairs before summer. A fresh breeze may be enjoyable, but homeowners are encouraged to keep window and door screens up-to-date to avoid pests from entering the home. Here’s some tips on how to get window and doors ready for the upcoming season.

When to Update Window and Door Screens

Having rips or holes and tears in the window and door screen invite in pests that can enter the home through open windows. In order to let in the fresh air without the pests, some common window and door repairs include patching, replacing, and repairing any broken or bent frames. It’s best to repair window and door screens in the spring or beginning of summer, right before the summer weather and mosquitos come out for the season.

Areas to Check for Needed Screen Repairs

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Porch screens
  • Patio
  • Pool enclosures

Tips to Repair Window and Door Screens

  • DIY Repair – It’s a relatively easy task to repair window and door screens. If considering the DIY route, a how-to guide to window and door screen repair is useful to complete the task.
  • Hire an installer – Local contractors install window and door screens at a reasonable cost for the labor, depending on the size and type of screen being repaired.

What Is Needed to Replace Window and Door Screens

Replacing window and door screens isn’t a hard task with the right equipment. It may look hard, but it is quite easy. Everything that is needed to complete the task comes in a fenestration product supply kit.

There’s two different types:

3.  Screen Frame Kit – This kit is for standard windows and doors and comes with everything needed to replace them.

4.  Screen Frame Kit with Fiberglass Mesh – This kit comes with what is needed as well as the fiberglass mesh for various screen sizes.

What to Do Next

Measure the screen size needed to complete the screen repair. Choose an option for the size to order the kit online. DAPA Products also offers a complimentary consultation to choose the right kit size for the window or door. Call 1-800-229-3181 for more information or for help choosing the correct window and door screen repair kit.