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Tips On How To Choose The Best Welt Cord

Tips Choose Welt Cord for Upholstery Products

No matter how simple an item is, people are trying as much as possible to make it as elegant as possible. Most of these people are including braided welt cords to their items. These items include bed headboards, cushions, and chairs among many others. What most people don’t know is what to look for when looking for braided welt cords. Here are tips to get the best-braided welt cording for your items.

Inspect Your Braided Welt Cord Before Purchasing

Before buying, it is always wise to inspect your welt cord for quality. This ensures that you get the best quality that is there, which will not disappoint you when you are doing your project.

Know the Purpose of the Welt Cord

Many people go to the shop and buy a welt cord without knowing its purpose. This makes them end up with a welt cord that will not serve the mission at hand. It is advisable to understand what the welt cord you are buying is for and to know if you will obtain a double braided welt cord or a single braided welt cord. Different types of welt cords are used for inside upholstery and accessories and outside furniture.

Inside Furniture – Welt Cord Options

Most inside furniture, pillows and other products use cotton for welt cording. You can also use foam welt cord and braided welt cord.

Outside Furniture – Welt Cord Options

Welt cording for outside furniture is best if it is environment proof and water resistant. Here’s a few of the materials that you can use:

  • Vinyl: Also known as PVC, this material is good for outside use and affordable. It’s recommended not to use it in high temperature environments.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a trusted, well known material that is can come with a coating on it to protect it against the elements.
  • Foam: Foam is water resistant and good for all environments.

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