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3 Types of Window Screens that Protect Your Home

Window Screen and Frame Kits with Spline

Window screens provide many benefits to your home. Occupants can open the glass windows to let in outside air without letting in bugs, moths, and insects. Window screens also help block rainwater, wind, and external debris from entering your home. Solar filters also reduce the amount of harmful UV sun rays that come through the open window.

Types of Window Screens

  1. Typically, aluminum screens come in three finishes that include black, gray, and aluminum. The black variety is the least noticeable from the inside of the window. Some people may choose gray to match the window frames. The third finish, aluminum, is a clear coat. The clear-coat allows some of the aluminum’s original shine to show through.
  2.  A popular type of screen is the fiberglass window screen. A vinyl finish coats the fiberglass mesh. The fiberglass product doesn’t corrode or stain. However, it is more likely to tear or stretch than aluminum mesh screens.
  3. Some vinyl coatings contain an exclusive formula to filter the UV rays passing through the fiberglass screen. The vinyl coating helps reduce incoming heat, lowering your need to turn on your home cooling system. Another advantage of the solar screens is the reduction of fading and disintegration of your curtains, blinds, and furniture due to harmful UV rays.

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