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Using Foam Screen Spline to Install a Window Screen

Foam Screen Spline Window Screen Repair DIY

Using a window screen is a great way to give your home a new look. A screened window will ensure bugs stay outside and do not enter your home. There is a guide to help you fit your screen to your window and complete this project at your home.

How to Use Screen Spline in Your Window to Hold the Screen

Screen spline is the part of the window screen that will prevent it from sagging because it holds it in place The screen will fit properly and look better. You can purchase different types of screen spline.

At DAPA Products, we innovated foam screen spline because it is easier to use to fit the spline into your window screen. We also manufacture other types of spline. The spline can be easily installed and easily removed. This is something that you can do as a DIY project.

Benefits of Using Foam Screen Spline

Foam spline offers more flexibility with compressions and can have a larger diameter. It can be used in some areas where the vinyl will not fit.

Choosing the Type of Window Screen Spline You Need

Before you begin fitting a screen you need to decide what type you want to install. There are many different materials to select from. Our friendly customer service representatives can help you choose the right window screen spline you need for your project.

Types of Window Screens

  • Aluminum screens are good for those that want something durable. They can fit different windows types and come in different colors.
  • Fiberglass is sturdy and is easy to install.
  • Solar screens are good for keeping the sun out of a room.

DIY Window Screen Repair Project Materials

  • Screen spline is one of the main parts of fitting in the frame. It is easy but needs to be placed into the grooves, so the screen does not become unhinged.
  • A spline roller can be used to make the job easier and to keep everything stable.

How to Install Window Screen Spline

  1. Cut the screen a couple of inches bigger than the frame
  2. Use the spline roller to push the screen and the spline into the frame. Make sure everything is tight.
  3. Using a screwdriver put the spline into the corners of the frame.
  4. Complete the rest around the frame.
  5. After working around the frame, remove any extra spline. Put the rest into the channel of the frame.
  6. Trim the area around the screen.

Give us a call at 1-800-229-3181 and we will be happy to find the perfect screen spline for your application!