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Welt Cord: Add Style to Upholstery Decor

Welt Cord on Pillows for Upholstery Decor

What is Welt Cord?

It is simply a cord with a decorative cover. It is used to add style or durability on the seams of most any type of fabric. It comes in different sizes, colors, types, and strength. Typically, it is covered in fabric, but can also be covered in leather or plant fiber. It is composed of two parts. The inner core and the cover, which are called the filler cord and cord cover.

Choosing the Proper Type of Welt Cord for Your Project

Its two main uses are to alter the look or alter the strength of an item. For something like a piece of clothing or a blanket, you would use thin, soft fabric to hug the body and flow gently. Whereas, for a couch or sofa, you would want thick, durable cord cover to increase its strength and longevity.

Where to Buy Welt Cord

DAPA Products sells welt cord online in our store and we can help you pick out the perfect type, size and length for your needs. We give you recommendations on what types of cord and fabric options would suit your project. To figure out how much you need, all you have to do is measure the total length of all the item’s seams and convert it to yards.

Welt cord is a little known, but very simple component of apparel and upholstery. Choosing the correct type for the job at hand is critical to making you, or your customers happy. Give us a call at DAPA Products and speak to a member of our team for help choosing the right welt cord for your project or for supplies at 1-800-229-3181.