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What is Welt Cord Used For?

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Welt Cord and Its Uses

A cord with a fabric cover is called a welt cord. These are used for a wide variety of upholstery projects such as pillows, sofas, and chairs. Their main function is to hide seams in fabric especially around corners and between materials that vary in thickness or density. DAPA Products can assist you in choosing the right welt cord for your project.

Braided welt cord is especially nice when used on furniture of all types. It gives the upholstery a wow factor. Braided welt cord can lend strength to the seams of your projects as well as enhancing the 3D visuals of pillows and blankets.

1. Pillow with cording

Two great ways to achieve eye catching effects are self-cording, where you use the same fabric as the pillow, or contrast cording, using different colors or patterns to make them really stand out. Braided welt cord is a great contrast cording.

2. Reupholster anything you want

DIY hobbyists have been using welt cord with great success to spruce up older furniture and give it that eye drawing appeal. Couches, chairs, futons, clothing, automobiles, patio furniture, the sky is the limit. Let your imagination run wild with a buying guide from DAPA Products.

3. Different welt cord widths

There are many different welt cord widths to choose from depending on your taste or style of décor. Welt cords come in many shapes, sizes, and designs including braided and double braided welt cords. Each variation can add that special something to the piece you are working on.

Contact DAPA Products for Welt Cording Materials

Welt cord will make your project come alive and have your friends asking for the number of your decorator. Make sure you check out the DAPA Products buying guide to get that special edge on your next project. Thick or thin. Large or small. DAPA Products has them all. Call us at 1-800-229-3181 to speak with our customer service or sales department with your questions.