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Which Window Screens are Right for Your Home?

Window screen fenestration products for home

Window screens provide a wide range of benefits to your home. They allow you to open windows for fresh air to flow in without letting moths, bugs, and insects into the house. Also, the window screen’s traditional function is a protector from wind, rainwater, and debris. If you add solar filters, window screens can easily reduce UV rays from sunlight getting through the windows to a significant level.

 Types of Window Screens

Wouldn’t it be delightful to have window screens that work well to keep bugs out? Or need to replace window screen holes, tears, and other issues? Aluminum window screens come in various finishes, including gray, black, and obviously, aluminum. Screens with a black or gray finish are suited for most interiors and exteriors. The aluminum finish window screens contain a clear coat to make the original metal show through.

Another popular type of window screen is the fiberglass screen. The screen mesh here is coated with vinyl to prevent stains and corrosion. Unfortunately, fiberglass mesh is more likely to tear compared to aluminum window screen mesh. The good news is, the vinyl coating acts as a filter for UV rays. As a result, your home may need less cooling system use, and they may prevent your interior belongings from fading.

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your window screens involves checking the mesh to ensure no holes, tears, or fading.

Timely Inspection

Window screens installed on patio doors and windows, especially the fiberglass screens, are more prone to tears and harsh weather conditions than those installed in other areas.

How To Replace Window Screens

Replacing a window screen involves two major components – a spline and a tool to install the window screen into the window frame.

A spline is the thin rubber tube that runs along with the screen and tucks it into a groove at the edges. The installing tool looks like a pizza cutter with a convex-edged and concave-edged wheel on either side.

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