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Why is Foam Welt Cord Better?

Foam Welt Cord for Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Foam welt cord that is made from polyethylene foam is ideal for upholstery and cushions. It is also well suited for double bead sewing for the surface of frame boats.

Merits of Foam Welt Cord

Foam is more convenient than other types of welt cord. PE and vinyl materials have their uses, but foam welt cord has specific benefits.

Because foam welting resistant to mold and mildew, it is ideal for outdoor furniture. Its flexibility also gives strength to the structure of the cushion. It does not absorb water, nor does it rot.

DAPA Foam Welt Cord

A favorite item in the industry, DAPA Foam Welt Cord suits many applications. Different lengths and thicknesses are available.

DAPA Products is a Leader in the Industry

DAPA Products is known for meeting and exceeding their customers’ needs. They stand behind their products. In addition, DAPA works with the high quality precision materials needed for all kinds of upholstery. They specialize in high quality, innovative products and precision requirements for manufacturing upholstery products.

Customers come first in all areas of production at DAPA Products. This includes custom upholstery and braided products for the furniture market. From design through manufacturing, DAPA cares.

Since DAPA Products is a leader in extruded plastic products for upholstery and plastic products for doors and windows, their reputation is positive and solid in the industry. DAPA Products maintains excellent contact with customers regarding their orders. DAPA Products focuses on building trust and solid dependability with its customers.