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4 Ways to Use Upholstery Piping Cord Around the Home

Braided Welt Cord Draperies and Curtains for Decor

Upholstery piping cord, such as braided welt cord, is one of the most versatile mediums that can be used in and around the home to give a unique and decorative touch to items such as furniture upholstery, drapes, headboards and many other items. There are a number of projects that require upholstery, such as pillows, that upholstery piping cord is ideal for when the goal is to create a personal touch.

The primary purpose that upholstery piping cord serves is to cover up seems around corners as well as between materials of varying thickness. When it comes to piping cord, braided welt cord is a particularly popular option. This is because it can provide seems with additional strength at the same time as it improves the aesthetic look of the material and the item. Here’s some project ideas on how to use braided welt cord around the house:

1.  Draperies

Braided welt cord is a typical, go-to medium when it comes to adding trim to draperies. It is generally sewn around the edges of the drapes to give a decorative look.

2. Trim On Upholstery

Braided welt cord is also a highly popular option when it comes to using it to add piping features to the trim of upholstery. It can be used to either compliment the patterns of the upholstery or even contrast with it.

3.  Headboard Trim

Piping cord is a great way to change the dynamic of a headboard and dramatically increase its visual appeal.

4.  Furniture Options

Whether it is inside furniture or outside furniture, weld cord is a great way to improve the look of furniture. It is recommended that water resistant welt cord is used when applying it to outdoor furniture items.

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