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How Do You Fix a Broken Screen Door?

Replace Screen Door Patio How To Repair

Repairing a Screen Door is Easier Than You Think

The key is having the right preparation materials

Breaking a screen on a window or door can happen in an instant. No matter the cause, fixing the problem is easier than you think. The key is having the right fenestration products and tools on hand before you begin the repair process.

What You Need to Get Started

1.  Research what type of screen you need. You’ll want to make sure to measure your window or door to ensure you order the right fenestration products. We recommend ordering a simple DAPA Products repair kit online. It includes everything you need for your project.

2.  A flat head screwdriver will be essential to remove the old screen from the frame.

3.  A utility knife or scissors will also come in handy when cutting your new screen to fit the space.

4.  Also have a tape measure on hand for measurements.

5.  An awl is a helpful tool when removing the screen door spline or window screen spline from the frame.

6.  When installing the new screen into the frame, using a concave and convex roller ensures the quality of the window or door screen spline.

Repairing your window or door in 10 easy steps:

1.  Find a flat workspace on a hard surface. Lay the frame and screen down.

2.  Secure the frame to the surface (duct tape works well).

3.  Carefully pry the window or screen door spline up using a screwdriver.

4.  Remove the entire spline and remove the damaged screen.

5.  Place the new screen over the frame. Leave about two inches of overlap on each side.

6.  Roll the new spline into the frame (the convex spine roller is handy here). Start at the corner for best results.

7.  Push the spline into the corner using the flat edge screwdriver.

8.  Take the spline roller out again, this time using the concave side. Go over the spline once again.

9.  Remove the excess spline you might have with the utility knife or a pair of scissors.

10.  Install your new screen!

Contact us through our form or call us at 1-800-229-3181 for help with choosing fenestration products to complete your product. You can also order a Screen Door Spline and Kit online today!