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Do I Need Screens on Windows?

Screens on doors and windows serve a bigger purpose than many homeowners realize. When you’re looking to maintain a high curb appeal while keeping a few problems at bay, window and door screens are the answer.

The Advantages of Screens

There are quite a few advantages to installing screens on the doors and windows of your house. Let’s look at how window screen products can help you maintain your beautiful home.

Advantage 1 – Your home will be protected. You may not think that a screen is much protection against the outdoors, but it can serve as another barrier between the outside world and your sanctuary. It’s one more obstacle that bugs have to go through if they want to get into your home.

Advantage 2 – Enjoy the fresh air. A quality screen allows you to open up your door or window while letting the fresh air and sunlight stream in.

Advantage 3 – Screens will also protect your door from random objects, such as a ball or rock thrown haphazardly by some children outside. This will help the lifespan of your windows and doors!

Advantage 4 – Screens keep the glass of your windows and doors cleaner. They would collect the debris that would constantly collect on the glass if there was no barrier. A screen will protect your home from the elements day and night, especially in bad weather. And taking a screen off to clean it is a much easier solution than using gallons of glass cleaner over the years!

Advantage 5 – A screen is a great way to keep animals and insects where they belong. For example, your dog or cat may be able to push open the storm door or window to escape. A screen provides another layer of protection. It also helps keep insects out of the house during the warmer months. You can enjoy the fantastic weather without worrying about pests getting in.

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