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Foam Welt Cording To Update Your Patio Furniture This Summer

Outside Patio Furniture for Summer

With summer quickly breezing in, updating and revamping your patio furniture for all those cookouts and parties is a must. Since the furniture will be on your patio or outdoor area, you want to choose a frame and cushions that are durable. Most cording for outside furniture is made from foam, which lasts in any kind of weather.

The special addition to the cushions for your outside furniture is the piping along the edges. Piping, also called cording, can be sewn on to the fabric as the cushion is being sewn together.

Foam Welt Cord for Upholstery

A foam welt cord has aesthetic appeal more than anything else. it spruces up a pillow or cushion and makes it look good. It is also durable being made from foam instead of the standard inside furniture style of cording.

Create an Oasis of Relaxation

The functionality of patio furniture is to give guests a comfortable relaxing place to sit while they are being entertained at your summer bashes.

Braided Welt Cord for Upholstery ProjectsThe d├ęcor and patterns of the furniture do not have to be boring or mundane. Have fun with the various colors available and mix them up. The cording of choice this summer is the braided welt cord. You can add them to your summer patio furniture designs and colors.

Having the perfect patio furniture might be what sets off all of your summer party entertaining with a big bang. Repurposing your existing furniture can also be easier on your wallet. The most important thing is to select welt cord that will last.

Our welt cord is made from top quality materials to produce a product that is durable for your outdoor furniture.