Upholstery Welt Cord

There is a growing trend to use welt cord in upholstery. The welt cord is a cord that runs around the edge of an upholstered piece of furniture.

A welt cord is typically made from two strands of cotton, covered by fabric and a continuous hand-sewn or machine-stitched band. The cotton fibers are woven into each other to appear to be one continuous thread when viewed from the side.

The welt cord provides stability to the edges of an upholstered piece of furniture and serves as a decorative element. DAPA Products manufactures welt cord for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Why Upholstery Welt Cord is Important for Furniture Design

Upholstery welt cord is a type of cord that is used for furniture design. You can see it used in some furniture such as armchairs and sofas.

Upholstery welt cord is essential because it gives the furniture an elegant appeal by adding texture to the seats and legs. The cords are also flexible, ensuring that they remain intact even if stretched to their limits. This characteristic makes them more durable and helps prevent breakage of the cords while they are used.

Different Types of Welt Cord

At DAPA Products, we manufacturer high-quality welt cord using virgin materials. Our customers appreciate our high-quality standards and excellent customer service. We manufacture welt cord for indoor and outdoor use, including:

  • Braided
  • Cotton
  • Foam
  • Hollow PE
  • Solid PE

We’ve made it easy to order welt cord online in a variety of sizes and quantities. You can also contact us for pricing and help with your selection. Call us at 1-800-229-3181 or see the welt cord below.

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