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What is a UFAC Welt Cord?

Couch with Kids UFAC Testing of Welt Cord

The involuntary solution was intended to increase consumer safety from cigarette-caused fires. In 1978, the Upholstered Furniture Action Council was founded to make furniture more resistant to catch fire. Since its inception, there is a significant reduction of household fires. According to government journals, there is a 73 percent decline in cigarette-caused home fires.

UFAC Standards

For you to participate in UFAC philanthropic efforts, furniture manufacturers must stick to UFAC set standards. For them to identify the high-end materials that meet the set standards, they conduct a test to determine its performance.

The decorative trim, edge, brush are classified under these methods. Decorative trim, edging, or brush fringe is used in furniture constructions. Their application is in the outer seats of the furniture. Decorative and arm piping is also used to meet the standard criterion. The test is only applicable to the chairs and sofas, which have a high likelihood to trap cigarettes. For instance, skirt trim and skirt are not covered by these construction criteria. For this reason, it is unlikely that cigarettes could be stuck in these areas.

Cord Test MethodUFAC Welt Cord

Decorative trim, which is round or elliptical, can be used to cover the fabric under construction to test for the WELT CORD UFAC STANDARDS. The cord test method is done using the pass/fail criteria. While subjecting the material, do not cover the specimen trim with Type II fabric by UFAC. The crevice created is used to create flat test panels.

The edging, decorative trim, or brush fringe is placed in the vertical panels in the test assembly including the edge. They form the outer covering of the sewn material. The brush fringe contains a stitched ravel cord into the fringe area. Before any testing, the cord travel should be removed.

UFAC Welt Cord Testing

A light cigarette, covered by material sheeting, is placed against the vertical panel on the specimen to allow better UFAC welt cord testing. For the Char to be tested, a vertical panel is used from the crevice. Three samples are required for the sample welt cord. For better results, a minimum of six specimens is necessary.