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Window Screen Replacement: How to Remove and Install a Screen in Your Home

Window screens make living in a house safer and life easier during harsh weather conditions. These screens protect us from harmful UV rays and keep the bugs at bay. Unfortunately, they are prone to damages from both internal and external factors.

Window Screen Replacement Remove and Install Home

A window screen, therefore, will need a replacement if one or more of the following occurs:

  • Torn mesh or fabric
  • Aging and warped screens
  • Damaged due to weather
  • Fading or discoloration
  • Unexplained utility bill increase
  • Unable to open or close the window
  • Damaged window frames

How to Find the Right Screens for Your Home

Aluminum Screen Mesh

Aluminum screens are sold in various sizes and are mostly suited for areas that have heavy traffic. Aluminum mesh screens are a perfect choice for windows situated close to tree branches. They can withstand UV rays, resist high temperatures, prevent corrosion, and are stronger than fiberglass screens.

Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Fiberglass window screens are available in different colors, flexible but less durable than aluminum screens. However, they are much easier to install and less prone to damages from debris.

How to Remove and Replace a Screen on Your Window

Step 1: Lay the frame and the screen on a flat surface while securing the frame to the surface.

Step 2: Pry open the screen door spline with a screwdriver and remove the spline and the damaged screen.

Step 3: Place the screen to be replaced on the frame. Make sure to leave around two inches of overlap on all the sides.

Step 4: Roll the new spline using a convex spline roller into the frame by starting at the corner.

Step 5: Using a flat edge screwdriver, push the spline into the corner. Use the spline roller again with its concave side to go over the spline and remove any excess material with a utility knife.

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