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Tips on how to Select the Right Welt Cord for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Welt cord is remarkably versatile and used in a highly diverse range of products. For businesses who plan to use welt cord as part of a product, they choose the right kind. The experts at Dapa Products are happy to help.

Welt cord is quite popular for many indoor as well as outdoor products. The key to getting the most out of the welt cord is to use the appropriate grade. Leading manufacturer Dapa Products is doing its best to educate on the subject. Recently, the team shared its thoughts on what welt cord works best indoors and what holds up best outdoors to help customers make better-informed decisions that meet or exceed their business’s needs.

Welt Cord Indoor and Outdoor Uses

“We are always happy to discuss our products,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “If there’s ever a question, don’t hesitate to give us a call.”

For outdoor use, Dapa Products point towards three smart options: foam welt cord, a great choice for pillows and cushions that are left outside; vinyl welt cord, which is recommended for outdoor furniture that will be exposed to cold weather; and cotton welt cord, which is also a good choice for outdoor furniture, but this time with more diverse weather exposure, especially when the cotton has a covering.

For indoor use of welt cord, Dapa Products recommends cotton welt cord or braided welt cord most often. Vinyl is also an option as long as temperatures aren’t expected to be high, damaging the cord or making it uncomfortable. And cotton is, of course, softer and more comfortable than vinyl.

Feedback for Dapa Products’ Welt Cord continues to be completely positive across the board.

Chris S., from Ohio, recently said in a five-star review, “We had some bad experiences trying to find the correct materials to use for our company’s outdoor chairs. Eventually, we came across Dapa Products, and their foam welt cord was perfect. There’s no doubt about future products, and this is where we will return. The whole experience was perfect. Fully recommended!”

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